Author: Lynn Warburton

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Covid Assistance Packages Handed To Clubs

On Saturday 29th May, the Botswana Rugby Union handed over COVID assistance packages to affiliated Clubs. These packages contain sanitizer, water bottles, buffs, thermometers, and other items designed to assist Clubs in following all COVID protocols when we are able to return to play, and were purchased using the BRU’s portion of the Rugby Africa Solidarity Fund.

The handover took place at the BRU offices in Fairgrounds Mall, with BRU Vice President Technical, Elijah Kokoro, and Vice President Administration, Lieutenant Colonel Pandor, presiding. Speaking at the handover, Mr. Kokoro said that it is important that we are prepared when we are given the go-ahead to return to play. We have had over a year without rugby, and we need to hit the ground running when we have clearance to do so. Since we can’t yet return to play, the packages will be stored at the BRU offices, and distributed to Clubs when we return to play.

Mr. Kokoro thanked Rugby Africa and the BRU staff for their part in organizing the packages, and thanked Club representatives for attending the handover, before enjoying an informal chat and tea with members of the Union and attendees.