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Thrilling Action Unveiled: Botswana Rugby Union’s BDF Sevens Recap

The Duma FM Grounds came alive on August 26 as the Botswana Rugby Union’s BDF Sevens event unfolded in an exhilarating display of skill and determination. With both men’s and women’s teams fiercely competing, the tournament proved to be a captivating spectacle. Let’s delve into the highlights and outcomes of this unforgettable day of rugby.

Men’s Tournament

A tale of two pools

The men’s competition was divided into two intense pools. Pool A showcased the talents of Jwaneng, BDF 1 (the hosts), GRFC 2, and Ryders Rugby Club. Meanwhile, Pool B witnessed spirited matches between UB, BDF 2 (also hosting), GRFC 1, and Jaguars.

GRFC 1 and GRFC 2: Dominance Unleashed

In an impressive feat, GRFC 1 and GRFC 2 conquered their respective pools undefeated. Jwaneng and UB secured commendable second-place finishes. The semi-finals brought intense showdowns, with Jwaneng facing GRFC 1 and UB challenging GRFC 2. GRFC 1 emerged victorious against Jwaneng with a decisive score of 29-0, while GRFC 2 narrowly triumphed over UB with a score of 15-12.

Thrilling Playoff and Grand Finale

In a hard-fought battle for the third and fourth place, Jwaneng clashed with UB, resulting in UB prevailing 28-17. The ultimate clash took place in the men’s final, where GRFC 1 and GRFC 2, both hailing from the same club, showcased their skills. GRFC 1 emerged as champions with a resounding victory of 24-0.

Women’s Tournament

In the women’s category, teams showcased their prowess in a cumulative results format, setting the stage for the grand finals at the upcoming tournament at GRFC Grounds. BDF, continuted their recent dominance of women’s rugby by securing top position in the pool. They were followed by UB in second, GRFC in third, and Ryders in fourth place.

It promises to be a very tense and tight tournament in the women’s category, with all teams fighting for seeding in the final tournament.

Acknowledging Outstanding Players

Nthabiseng Moloiswa wins best player of the tournament for BDF Women

Brighton Chinyanya was crowned the men’s tournament’s best player, while Nthabiseng Moloiswa earned the accolade of the women’s best player—a testament to their exceptional performances.


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The Botswana Rugby Union’s BDF Sevens event not only celebrated the sport’s competitive spirit but also highlighted the camaraderie and dedication within the rugby community. With remarkable performances across genders, the tournament paved the way for an exciting journey ahead.