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Vibrant Rugby Sevens: Fostering Unity Through Exciting Matches

Now that yet another riveting Rugby 15s season is behind us, the spotlight now turns to the forthcoming Rugby Sevens series, a pivotal event in Botswana Rugby Union’s calendar. Over the next five weekends, rugby aficionados will be treated to a thrilling display of athleticism, strategy, and camaraderie as local club side compete in the Sevens series organized by the Botswana Rugby Union. With each club showcasing their own sponsors, this series promises to captivate fans and celebrate the multifaceted nature of the sport.

The Sevens Begins

Commencing on August 26th at the BDF Rugby Club, the Rugby Sevens series embarks on a journey that will culminate at the Gaborone Rugby Football Club (GRFC). The stage will also be set at BIUST University, University of Botswana(UB), and Canon Jaguars, ensuring a wide-reaching and inclusive experience for rugby enthusiasts across the nation. The current schedule is as follows:

  • BDF – 26 August
  • Canon Jaguars – 2 September
  • UB – 9 September
  • BIUST – 16 September
  • GRFC – 23 September

The Rugby Sevens Difference

The heart of Rugby Sevens lies in its distinction from the traditional 15-a-side format. Boasting teams of just seven players each, the Sevens series is renowned for its breathtaking pace and dynamic gameplay. In stark contrast, the Fifteens leagues offer a more strategic and structured spectacle, showcasing the diverse range of skills that rugby demands.

As a testament to the Botswana Rugby Union’s commitment to inclusivity, both men’s and women’s teams will take the field in both the Sevens series and Fifteens leagues. This platform allows women’s rugby to shine brightly and underscores the union’s dedication to gender parity in sports.

Join in the fun

As the anticipation builds, we invite everyone to come together and embrace the beauty of rugby in its various forms. Whether you’re a seasoned rugby fan or a newcomer, this series promises excitement, competition, and a shared sense of unity. Stay informed about schedules, and updates, by following us on our official social media channels and website.

“Rugby Excellence Unleashed: Super Week Triumph

From August 17th to 20th, 2023,  Legae Academy, transformed into a bustling hub of rugby enlightenment, playing host to Botswana Rugby Union’s “Super Week.” Guided by Denver Wannies, Rugby Africa’s Regional Education Manager, and orchestrated in collaboration with Botswana Rugby Union’s educators under the leadership of Tosca Segaise, this event attracted a record turnout of over 60 participants hailing from all corners of Botswana.

The setting for this momentous occasion was none other than Legae Academy, a premier educational institution that graciously opened its doors to rugby novices and experts alike. Marking the first time such an event was held at this venue, the “Super Week” inaugurated a new chapter in rugby development within Botswana.

Diversity and comprehensiveness were at the heart of this event’s curriculum. The participants were treated to an assortment of courses spanning medical expertise, coaching techniques, match officiating, and strength and conditioning principles. To underscore the holistic approach, educational courses were also conducted in these domains, solidifying Botswana Rugby’s commitment to cultivating a cadre of rugby educators.

This groundbreaking event was not just a theoretical exposition; it was a hands-on immersion into the many facets of rugby. As participants dived into the art of planning training sessions, fine-tuned their medical responses, and sharpened match officiating skills, they were poised to emerge as more adept and knowledgeable rugby practitioners.

A noteworthy outcome of the “Super Week” was the convergence of rugby enthusiasts from diverse walks of life, all brought together by their shared ardor for the sport. As connections were forged and insights exchanged, the event fostered a sense of camaraderie that transcended geographical boundaries.

The reverberations of this remarkable event extended beyond its conclusion. With Botswana Rugby’s educators workforce experiencing substantial growth, the organization now proudly boasts a comprehensive team of rugby educators, fully equipped to impart their knowledge and expertise. This achievement further underscores Botswana Rugby Union’s commitment to nurturing rugby excellence.

Looking ahead, the legacy of the “Super Week” in Gaborone, Botswana, is set to reverberate throughout the nation’s rugby landscape. The event’s trailblazing spirit, coupled with the collaborative efforts of World Rugby, Rugby Africa, and Botswana Rugby Union, has laid a solid foundation for the growth and advancement of rugby within the region. As time unfolds, the impact of this event is bound to flourish, nurturing a new generation of rugby enthusiasts and experts alike.

This collaborative effort demonstrates the far-reaching impact of partnerships in advancing rugby education, fostering community, and propelling the sport’s growth on both regional and global scales. With a shared vision and a commitment to excellence, these organizations have set a precedent for what can be achieved when the rugby community comes together.

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